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4.2 GPA: Is this Good? Colleges that Accept 4.2 GPA.

Apr 5, 2022

All the colleges consider an applicant’s GPA a crucial factor while offering admission. A higher GPA makes you competitive for admission to top colleges. If you are a student with a 4.2 GPA who is wondering if a 4.2 GPA is good for application to various universities, this article is for you.

In this article, you will find out the following:

  • Is a 4.2 GPA good enough for admission to top universities?
  • Colleges that accept a 4.2 GPA.
  • Is a 4.2 GPA bad for getting admission to universities?
  • Tips to improve your GPA

Grade Point Average, commonly known as GPA, is one of the most crucial factors colleges consider for offering admission to applicants. However, GPA score policy varies from school to school. While some schools follow the unweighted GPA, others follow the weighted GPA policy. 


However, you must note that colleges consider the course difficulty while reviewing your admission application. Therefore, to increase your chances of selection, you must focus on taking difficult AP or IB courses available in your high school.

How is GPA calculated?

The GPA is calculated on the points or grades earned by the students in different courses. In students’ academic life, any grade secured by them is converted into points. Generally, schools calculate GPA on a standardized scale of 1-4. Students with higher percentages of grades have higher GPAs. As per the US grading system, having an A or A+ is considered the highest grade for students.


There are two ways of calculating GPA:

  • Weighted GPA
  • Unweighted GPA

Both the methods have one significant difference. While calculating GPA through a weighted method, course difficulty is considered along with the grades of courses. On the other hand, an unweighted GPA does not consider the course difficulty while calculating GPA.

Is a 4.2 GPA good?

The course difficulty highly influences your GPA. Although GPA is calculated on a scale of 1-4, you can achieve a higher GPA by taking challenging AP courses. As a 4.2 GPA is above 4 points, it is a weighted GPA. 


If you have a 4.2 GPA, it means that you are taking challenging AP courses. Moreover, 99% of the colleges have their average GPA below 4.3. This means that a 4.2 GPA is very competitive and can help students get admission to the best colleges.

Is it possible to get a 5 GPA?

Schools that follow a weighted method to calculate GPA can offer a GPA above 4. Generally, if students take more challenging AP courses, their weighted GPA will be higher than 4. 


Why is GPA considered so important?

GPA is the average of the student’s academic performance in college or high school. Although it does not decide how they will perform in the future, it displays their educational field capabilities. Universities understand various ways a college or high school calculates students’ GPA. This means that GPA varies from school to school. Therefore, most top-ranked universities mainly focus on the course difficulty when reviewing admission applications. 

Is a 4.2 GPA good for a college student?

If you are a college student with a 4.2 GPA, you might wonder if it is a good score and what could be your chances of selection. First, it would help to remember that the national average GPA for college admission is considered 3.0. So with a 4.2 GPA, you have an excellent chance of getting an admission offer. In addition, sophomore year students with a 4.2 GPA have a higher chance of admission to various top colleges. In other words, a 4.2 GPA means that you have taken and excelled in multiple difficult courses.


Is 2.4 GPA bad or good?

The national average GPA for the US is 3.0 GPA. Students with a 2.4 GPA have a hard chance of getting into selective and moderately selective colleges. However, sophomore and high school freshmen still have time to increase their GPA to 3.0. But junior and senior students face major challenges in increasing their GPA scores. 

Students who graduate from high school with a 2.4 GPA have a few options for enrolling into traditional 4-year colleges. However, students with a 2.4 GPA will have more options if they consider colleges that offer admission to students regardless of their GPAs.


Is 2.4 GPA bad? How can I improve my GPA?

All first-year high school students, and sophomores, have sufficient time in their hands to improve their GPA scores. However, if you are a student who is wondering ‘is 2.4 GPA bad?’, you should remember that with this score, your application will immediately get rejected in top universities. 

Therefore, you need to improve your GPA to improve your chances of selection. For this, you should take the following steps:

  • Identify your weak areas and work towards improving them. This will help you strengthen your coursework and gain the confidence to undertake various challenging courses.
  • Talk to your tutor to help you prepare a strategy for improving your grades. A well-defined plan will be helpful in remaining focused on your goal. This will also keep you motivated throughout your coursework.
  • You should consider taking courses according to your interest. Often, students who take courses that do not interest them end up failing in that course. On the other hand, students who select courses as per their interests remain focused and enthusiastic. They learn the course with sheer dedication. This helps in improving their grades.
  • If you want to increase your chances of getting into top universities, you should save your time from getting wasted in unnecessary classes. Therefore, you must be smart in investing your time to take only the necessary courses. 
  • Take more AP subjects if you are concerned about improving your performance. The honors and AP courses carry high weightage. These courses can dramatically increase your overall GPA. 
  • Remain an active participant in various activities. This will help broaden your knowledge.
  • Be focused on preparing an outstanding assignment. A good project is crucial for improving your high school GPA. Therefore, you should be extra careful in preparing them.
  • Self-evaluation is necessary for improving performance. Therefore, you need to evaluate yourself regularly to know where you stand and figure out how much effort you need to put into achieving your target.
  • Seek help from friends and faculty members. It is always advised to have the necessary support to keep you engaged. Therefore, if you have any support available to you, never hesitate to get it.

Colleges that accept students with a 2.4 GPA

Students with a 2.4 GPA often search for answers to questions like – ‘is 2.4 GPA bad?’ and ‘which colleges accept 2.4 GPA?’ Although 2.4 GPA is far below the national average GPA, few colleges accept applicants with a 2.4 GPA. Some of these colleges include the following:

Sl. No. College Average GPA
1 Virginia Union University 2.61
2 Chowan University 2.64
3 Bloomfield College 2.6
4 North Carolina A & T State University 2.68
5 American International College 2.57
6 Concordia University Ann Arbor 2.2
7 Kentucky State University 2.44
8 Saint Augustine’s College 2.37
9 Morgan State University 2.65
10 Fisher College 2.27
11 Catawba College 2.36

Colleges that accept 4.2 GPA

Students with a 4.2 GPA have a great chance of getting into the top-ranked colleges. Some of the highly competitive colleges that accept applicants with a 4.2 GPA include the following:

College  Location of college Average SAT Average ACT Average GPA
University of Chicago Chicago 1520 34 4.48
Harvard University Cambridge 1520 34 4.18
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Cambridge 1535 35 4.17
California Institute of Technology Pasadena 1545 36 4.19
Harvey Mudd College Claremont 1530 35 4.17
Washington University in St. Louis St. Louis 1520 34 4.15

Listed below are some colleges that are moderately competitive for applicants with a 4.2 GPA:

College  Location of college Average SAT Average ACT Average GPA
Duke University Durham 1510 34 4.13
Columbia University New York 1505 34 4.12
University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia 1500 34 3.9
Brown University Providence 1485 34 4.08
University of Virginia Charlottesville 1430 32 4.32
Yale University New Haven 1515 34 4.14
Princeton University Princeton 1505 34 3.9
Rice University Houston 1505 34 4.12
Dartmouth College Hanover 1500 34 4.11
Tufts University Medford 1465 33 4.04
Boston College Chestnut Hill 1420 33 3.96

Your GPA is an essential factor considered by universities when offering you admissions. Therefore, it is important that you focus on improving your GPA from the beginning of high school. All the tips mentioned above will be helpful during your high school preparations.


We hope that now you have a better understanding of overall high school GPA and colleges that accept students with a 4.2 GPA and 2.4 GPA. 

4.2 gpa

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