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Sep 5, 2022

Apostrophe Possessive 

An apostrophe is a punctuation mark (‘) that shows up as a component of a word to show ownership, make a plural number, or demonstrate the oversight of at least one letter. 

Uses of Apostrophes 

  • To show possession 
  • To form contractions 
  • To replace missing letters 

Punctuations are utilized to show ownership – something who has a place with. 

The possessive instance of a solitary or plural thing not finishing off with s is shaped by adding a punctuation and s. 

  • boss’, bosses’ man’s, men’s 
  • child’s, children’s medium’s, media’s 

In compound nouns, the ’s is added to the element nearest the object possessed. 

Comptroller general’s decision attorney at law’s fee. 


Attorneys general’s appointments John White, Jr.’s (no comma) account. 

  • Joint belonging is shown by putting a punctuation on the last component of a series, while individual or elective belonging requires the utilization of a punctuation on every component of a series. 

Soldiers’ and sailors’ home editor’s or proofreader’s opinion. 

Brown & Nelson’s store Clinton’s or Bush’s administration 

  • In the use of an apostrophe in firm names, the names of organizations and institutions, the titles of books, and geographic names, the authentic form is to be followed. 

Masters, Mates & Pilots’ Association 

Dentists’ Supply Co. of New York 


International Ladies’ Garment 

Workers’ Union 

Whenever a thing that closures with a ‘s’ is possessive, either compose s’ or s’ to make it possessive. 

To show joint or gathering ownership of a thing, utilize punctuation with just the last individual or article in the expression. 

Theodore and Thaddeus’ montage portrayed the effect of an Earth-wide temperature boost. (Joint montage) 

  • For euphony, nouns ending in s or ce and followed by a word beginning with s form the possessive by adding an apostrophe only. 

For goodness’ sake for acquaintance’ sake 

Mr. Hughes’ service for conscience’ sake. 


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