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Article Writing – Differences Between Essay and Article

Grade 6
Jun 9, 2023

Writing an Article

Differences Between Essay Writing and Article Writing

Article Writing

Article – It is a piece of writing usually intended for publication in a newspaper, magazine, or on the internet (blog)

Objectives of Article Writing

  • Describe an experience, person, event, or place
  • Present an unbiased opinion on a topic with a balanced argument –Example
  • Video games – Boon or Bane
  • Compare and contrast-It is usually between two situations/scenarios /two particular areas. Example – Football Vs. Cricket sport –Changing trends
  • Provide information about a problem. Offer suggestions to solve an issue/ a problem. Example -Conservation of wildlife

Three W’s -Starting Point

  • What – Objective of the article
  • Where – Medium used – Newspaper/Magazine/Website
  • Who – Intended readers – specific groups such as students, teenagers, or adults

Language (to be used in article)– Formal, semi-formal, or informal as per the intended readers. Informal is usually used in blogs (online). Formal in school magazines and semi-formal in magazines and newspapers mostly.

Length – Lengthy for magazine articles: 4-6 paragraphs

Newspaper and online blog articles are concise with a less number of paragraphs. Depending on the topic -3-5 paragraphs


Format (Structure) of Writing An Article

  • Heading Or Title
  • Catchy to draw the attention of the readers
  • Not more than five to six words
  • Main theme/topic of the article to be stated in an attractive manner.

Tips To Write Catchy Headings

  • Use numbers
  • Appealing adjectives to connect emotionally with readers

Effortless, Fun, Incredible, Essential, Absolute

  • Clear indication to what readers will gain

Reasons, Principles, Facts, Lessons, Ideas, Ways

  • Use trigger words – Why, How, When

Example – If a topic is ‘bathing dogs at home’- ‘Why I love Bathing Dogs’/ 10 Unbelievable Ways of Bathing Dogs

  • By line –Comes below the title. By line states the name of the writer. It can be written, not mandatorily.
  • Introduction– First Paragraph
  • Begin with proverb/ phrase or a quote related to the topic/main theme to make it interesting
  • Reader comprehends the main theme
  • Core of the topic – What, where, and when about the topic should be included in the introductory paragraph

Example – Natural calamities – What, where it occurs, and when can be introduced

  • Body –Second/ Third/Fourth Paragraphs
  • Engage readers with details – Why and how of the topic. Add facts and reports.
  • Readers relate to the magnitude of the topic/ problem.
  • Argument points – Agreement and disagreement
  • Conclusion – Last Paragraph
  • Give suggestions to solve the problem
  • Show the change or progression toward the solution
  • Conclude with a thought provoking statement/quote directing towards the future.

Steps to Be Followed for Article Writing

  • Remember 3 Ws
  • Select a topic
  • Research the topic- It should be from credential sources –websites/ journals/newspapers. Facts need to be presented. Data- percentage or ratio
  • Write the article as per the standard format
  • Edit the article for any errors-Punctuation and Grammar
  • Proofread the article to recheck and review.
  • Add images and infographics related to the topic. Infographic – Visual representation of data through graphs, pie-chart, etc.
Writing article


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