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What are Creative Techniques and Thinking Approaches

Grade 7
May 20, 2023

Writing – Creative Techniques


Study the pictures below carefully, then write a short story or description or an account of what the pictures are all about.

In a thick jungle, there lived an old elephant with its herd. He was a very wise elephant and always helped other elephants in the forest. He was called the “master” by other elephants. One day he was spotted alone near a river and captured by some hunters. He was in captivity for a week in a secret place on the edge of the jungle. His days were very sad as he was missing his friends quite terribly.

All the other elephants became furious and started searching for him. The herd was very disappointed as they could not find the wise elephant. However, destiny intervened, and right before the day when he was being taken to a nearby town to be sold to a rich merchant, the herd found him and rescued him. The herd returned with the wise elephant to the center of the forest, and all lived happily ever after.


Whether writing a story, a poem or a composition, great ideas don’t just appear on the paper. One must have the right knowledge and experience and the ideal circumstance to get some great new ideas.

Let us discuss the techniques that can be used to boost creative thinking skills.

Let’s discuss some creative techniques

What are Creative Techniques?

Let’s Start with the Creative Techniques’ Definition.

Most people associate creativity with being able to paint, sing or write. But the scope of creativity is vast. So to be creative, you need to learn creative techniques.

The creative technique is the process of coming up with something new, or to say it differently, thinking outside the box or beyond the textbook.


Though some people are more creative than others, creative techniques can be developed with some of the methods given below. The skill of creative techniques is indispensable to everyone as long as one is learning.

You can use various methods to improve your creative techniques.

Here are some techniques that may help you generate more creative ideas and make your writing more mature:

1. Brainstorming

Brainstorming is the most used method to generate ideas. It can be done individually or in a group.

Here are some creative techniques.

2. Affinity Diagrams

After a brainstorming session on the topic, you end up with loads of information that needs to be sorted through and categorized. This is where the affinity diagram comes in.

The affinity diagram helps you group your information on the topic based on themes that allow you to come up with new ideas.

3. Mind Map

The mind map begins with the key concept when you are brainstorming the topic or main idea. Then, related ideas are connected and coordinated with the main idea.

It helps in providing a structure to the flow of thoughts and organizes them.

4. Mood Board

A mood board is more or less a collage of images, fonts, icons, colors, etc., that represent the final idea.

5. SCAMPER Technique

SCAMPER is one of the most successful creative thinking techniques used to spark creativity during brainstorming.

SCAMPER Mentions Seven Thinking Approaches:

  1. Substitute
  2. Combine
  3. Adapt
  4. Modify
  5. Put to another use
  6. Eliminate
  7. Reverse

6. Picture Prompts

Picture prompts use pre-selected images to promote free associations of an idea. With this technique, there are a lot of advantages.

7. Metaphorical Thinking

In metaphors, we compare two or more ideas, and can be literal or conceptual. For example, a map may serve as a metaphor for a place because it represents that place. Individuals can use metaphors to draw connections between concepts and generate ideas based on them. They can also use metaphors to make abstract concepts more tangible.

8. Similarities and Differences

This technique asks participants to choose two concepts. The first concept represents the problem they want to solve, and the second object is related.

By honing your creative technique talents, you can benefit from things like:

  • The capacity to come up with the best techniques.
  • The development of creative skills that apply to your tasks.
  • A better understanding of data, also known as data literacy, and how to present it through data storytelling.
Creative techniques


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