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Dialogue Writing : Importance and characteristics

Grade 7
Aug 29, 2022

Dialogue Writing 

What is Dialogue Writing? 

  • Dialogue writing is a verbal conversation between two or more people [or] It’s a vulgate conversation [common or colloquial speech] 

Why is it Important to learn dialogue writing? 

  • It opens the thoughts of a person in an easy and natural procedure. 
  • How English is used in an ordinary and proper way of conversation. 
  • To express our thoughts in easy and natural construction 

Three steps must be followed to write a good dialogue 

  1. Imagine characters and their point of view; to do this, you must have a clear idea of the imaginary people who are taking part in the conversation. 
  1. Outline must be arranged like writing down briefly the arguments or opinions of each of these characters. 
  1. Arrange these dialogues in a proper logical sequence 

To make a meaningful conversation, we must follow the following characteristics of dialogue writing

The characteristics of dialogue writing are: 

  1. Must be natural and realistic. Direct speech must be included 
  1. Impetuous 
  1. Dialogues must be interesting and caring. Special attention should be given to the introduction, and the conclusion should not be dull and boring. 
  1. Succinct 
  1. Unprejudiced 


Let’s write a small conversation between a bird and a tree 

A bird in thirst for water, searching miles, reaches a tree and asks the tree whether she can find water anywhere near to this place …. 

The conversation went on like this 

Tree: Oh dear! You seem to be very tired in search of water. 


Bird: Yes,   

Tree: It laughs at the bird, saying, “oh! Pretty pie” It’s summer, the sun’s thirst grows stronger and the rivers dry up. 

Bird: What can I do to slake my thirst? 


Bird: Thank you for your thoughtfulness. I shall remain faithful to you 

Dialogue Writing


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