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How to Write a News Report?

Grade 7
Jun 9, 2023

Writing a News Report

News Report

  • Reports in a newspaper inform the readers about what is happening around them.
  • A report is a brief account of an event that has already happened or is happening.
  • The primary purpose of writing a news report is to give the readers an accurate account of what happened.

Types of News Reports

  • Local news
  • National News
  • International News
  • Entertainment News
  • Business news
  • Sports news

Structure of a News Report

  • The headline informs the reader what the report is about.
  • The byline informs the reader about the name of the writer.
  • The place line informs the location of the incident.
  • The lead of a report covers the most important information.
  • The body provides detailed information.
  • The ending has the solution or gives a conclusion to the report.

How to Write a News Report?

Step 1: Gathering Information
  • Collect important and accurate information about the incident.
  • Collect reliable evidence to support your story.
Step 2: Visiting the Site
  • Visit the place where the event took place.
  • You might come across interesting facts about the news from the site.
Step 3: Interviews
  • Conduct interviews with the eyewitnesses of the incident.
  • Record all the interviews.
Step 4: Transcribing the Interviews
  • Transcribe the recorded interviews so the reader can understand them easily.
Step 5: Start Writing the Report
  • After collecting all the data, you can start writing the report.
Step 6: Catchy Headline
  • Your headline should be interesting and capture the readers’ interest.
  • A proper headline can be decided after the report writing is completed.
Step 7: Writing the Lead
  • The introductory paragraph of the news should mention all the important information.
  • It should have the names of the people involved, the date, place, and time of what happened.
Step 8: The body
  • The body should have the detailing of the things that were mentioned on the lead.
  • It should be written in a third-person neutral point of view.
Step 9: Include the 5Ws and 1H
  • What, when, where, why, who, and how something happened.
  • What was the incident?
  • When was the incident?
  • Where was the incident?
  • Why did it happen?
  • Who was involved?
  • How did it happen?
Step 10: Writing the Conclusion
  • Includes the family details and current condition of the people involved.
  • It will have suggestions for a solution.
Step 11: Editing and Fact-checking
  • Edit the report before you publish it to the audience.
  • Check that all the information provided is accurate and not fabricated.
Writing a News Report


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