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Informal Letter Writing – Format and Examples

Grade 5
Aug 4, 2023
  • It is a personal letter that we write to family/friends.
  • So, the style of writing will be personal.
  • It is not written for professional matters (e.g., academic/work/ government affairs, etc.)
  • Informal letters have lesser formatting rules compared to formal letters 
  • Informal letters congratulate the recipient, convey messages or news, advise, request information, ask questions, etc.
  • There is no set format for informal letters.
  • So, we can treat the following as general guidelines.
  • The following should be there:
  • Sender’s address
  • Date
  • Greeting
  • Introductory Paragraph
  • Body of the Letter
  • Complimentary close
  • Signature


  • This is someone you know personally. So start with “Dear Alex.” (use the first name)
  • If it is an elder, “Dear Mom/Dad/ Uncle/ Grandma, etc.”. 
  • For elders who are not your family, but you want to give proper respect, you can address them as Mr or Mrs.
  • Example: “Dear Mrs. Clara.”

Introductory Paragraph

  • This paragraph sets the tone for the whole letter.
  • It should be warm and comforting.
  • Ask the receiver/recipient how they are doing.
  • You can also say that you hope the letter finds them in good health and great spirits.

Body of the Letter

  • Maintain an overall friendly tone. While you can become casual with friends, you must be considerate and respectful with elders.
  • Think about how you will talk to that person face-to-face/via call. That is the tone you need to keep.


  • Sum up the reason for writing.
  • Give a meaningful and affectionate goodbye to the reader.
  • Make sure to invite the reader to reply to the letter. This will show your intention of wanting to continue the conversation.


  • Some popular phrases used for signing off are:
  • Lots of Love
  • Best,
  • Best Wishes,
  • Kind Regards,
  • Kindly,

Informal Letter Sample

XYZ Street, Sector-34

Los Angelas-90001

August 22nd, 2022

Dear John,

I’m so proud of you, my dear little cousin! You have no idea how happy I am to hear you aced your SAT scores! I wish I were there to give you a proper hug!


This is all because of your hard work and passion for learning. You overcame your fears (Remember how you hated studying?) But look where you are now! You are going to get into the best University in the country! I’m sure you will do great in your future studies too.

I wish I could be there. Don’t worry. Soon I’ll be there (summer break maybe?), and we will celebrate! Everyone here sends you all their love and the heartiest congratulations.

Lots of love and best wishes

Yours lovingly



Informal Letter vs. Formal Letter

Formal Letter Sample


45, MM Street

Detroit 48127

20th August 2022

The Editor

The Detroit News


Subject: Repair of the road on Woodward Avenue

I want to draw your attention to the fact that the poor condition of the roads on MM Street has made life difficult for the residents. Though we had appealed to the authorities a dozen times, no action had taken place.

The roads have been nearly impassable for the past month. Heavy rains have severely damaged the surface, making it extremely risky for vehicles to pass that way at night. Also, there were piles of road metal in the center and on either side of the road.

The circumstance is becoming worse. Due to this situation, numerous accidents have occurred. I humbly request that you emphasize the gravity of this situation in your newspaper. We hope that such an action will stir the authorities to act.

Yours sincerely,


Informal Letter Writing


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