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The Writing Process – Importance and Steps

Class 4
Jun 13, 2023

Writing Process

  • The writing process is the sequence of mental and physical activities involved in creating a text.
  • Writing is not just the final draft. It is a complex process that involves skill building, brainstorming, resource collection, and practices for revising, generating, and editing the text.
  • It is the steps one should follow to compose a text.

Importance of the Writing Process

  • It will help you write better and faster.
  • Focusing on individual steps will help the writer importance to all the points equally.
  • Practice makes the copies perfect.
  • It will help the writer produce an error-free final text.

The Six-Step Writing Process

  • Pre-writing
  • Drafting
  • Revising
  • Editing
  • Proofreading
  • Publishing


  • This is the phase that comes before the writing process begins.
  • This step includes brainstorming, resource collection, and research.
  • Rely on genuine sources and identify the target audience.

Types of Pre-writing Strategies

  • Free writing: Process of writing down everything that comes into your mind without regard to quality or rules.
  • Clustering: Process of visually depicting your topic with the help of diagrams and flow charts.
  • Outline: Write down the important points about the topic. We can then map them together to create a text.


  • After the pre-writing session, we proceed to create the first draft.
  • It is a rough text that is edited later.
  • When writing the first draft remember to focus on the ideas and not worry about grammar and vocabulary.


  • It is the part where the text is modified.
  • The text is rearranged, and the vocabulary is improved.
  • Rewrite or delete sentences while revising.
  • This is the first time the writer will be reading his text completely and might notice some irregularities in the central argument.
  • A writer might require more research to develop the central argument.
  • Ask for the help of a friend or peer during the revising process.


  • Editing is the process where the writer corrects grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, style of writing, reputation, punctuation errors, etc.
  • Editing should come after revising as no one wants to edit a text with lines that could be replaced or deleted.
  • Ask someone else to help you during this stage.


  • Proofreading is the one last look to catch any mistakes or errors in the text.
  • Unless something is wrong, the writer does not have to make any changes to the document. Proofreading is just double-checking to make sure that the text does not contain any errors.


It is the process of sharing the final draft with the public.

writing process


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