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Prepositions and its Type with Examples

Grade 7
Aug 30, 2022


Read the sentences: 

  1. During the assembly, we stood across the school gate. 
  1. I always aim towards success. 
  1. My house is around the corner of the street. 
  1. Nobody among them is my best friend. 
  1. We will reach there in ten minutes. 
  1. We celebrate Halloween in October. 
  1. The bus is coming from the school. 
  1. I kept my cycle in front of the shop. 
  1. The children are playing in the park. 
  1. We will meet at 7 o’clock today evening. 
  • In these sentences, we saw the use of prepositions in a sentence in terms of direction, time, place, location, manner & movement. 
  • In these sentences the words during, towards, of, among, in, from, in front of, etc. are defining the position of the nouns in each sentence.So, these words are called prepositions
  • It is placed before a noun/pronoun and shows its relationship with some other words in the sentence. 
  • Prepositions are used to show direction, time, place, location, position, or to introduce an object. 
  • But it can never be followed by any verb, they are mostly followed by a noun or pronoun. 

There are 5 types of prepositions. 

1.Simple preposition: 

  • Simple prepositions are the words like at, for, in, off, on, over, and under.These prepositions can be used to describe a location, time, and place. 
  • Examples: 
  • Rony sat on the chair. 
  • My mom kept some milk in the fridge. 
  • Why are you hiding under the table? 
  • The dog jumped off the counter. 
  • She drove over the bridge. 

2.Double preposition: 

  • Double prepositions are two simple prepositions used together often indicating direction.Someof the double prepositions are into, upon, into, out of, etc. 
  • in + to = into 

up + on = upon 

on + to = onto 

  • Examples: 
  • Once upon a time, there was a powerful king. 
  • The cat climbed onto the table. 
  • I can’t live without my family. 
  • The caterpillar turned into a butterfly. 
  • He was unable to get out of the appointment. 

3.Compound preposition: 

  • Compound prepositions are also called complex prepositions which are consist of two or more words, usually a simple preposition and another word, to convey location.Some of the examples are in addition to, on behalf of, in middle of, in case of, as well as, in accordance with, etc. 
  • Examples: 
  • I am receiving the award on behalf of my friend. 
  • We were in the middle of some discussion. 
  • In addition to his car, he has a jeep. 
  • The alarm will ring in case of theft. 
  • In accordance with the doctor, Marie is very sick. 
  • My brother plays piano as well as he plays football. 

4.Participle preposition: 

  • Participle prepositions have endings such as –ed and –ing.It includes provided, frustrated, excluding, following, regarding, considering, including, during, concerning, etc. 
  • Examples: 
  • She is interested in anything concerning pets. 
  • The whole world suffered during the Covid-19 pandemic. 
  • A stranger kept following me home. 
  • All my neighbours were present at the Christmas party including my best friend. 
  • Considering her age, she has great potential. 
  • He was frustrated by that situation. 
  • My friend was asking regarding the job opportunity. 

5.Phrase preposition: 

  • Phrase preposition includes a preposition, an object or a preposition, an object, and the word that modifies the object. The phrase prepositions use the words like, on time, in time, before class, at home, on the floor, from their grandparents, etc. 
  • Examples: 
  • I will be in school on time. 
  • Annie found her homework under the bed. 
  • The children loved the gifts from their grandparents. 
  • She succeeded with a little help. 
  • According to his wishes, the ceremony will be private. 
  • He left the muddy footprints on the clean floor. 
Types of Prepositions


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