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Reflexive and Possessive Pronoun

Grade 4
Sep 1, 2022

Possessive Pronouns 

  • We use them to talk about things that belong to a person. 
  • No need to use apostrophe in possessive pronouns. 
  • Possessive pronouns replace nouns in a sentence.  
  • They help us show a noun’ possession. 
  • There are two types of possessive pronouns, based on their quantity  
Singular personal Pronouns and Singular  possessive pronouns
  • This is her house.  
  • Have you lost your wallet, Chris?  
  • This bag is mine and that hat is hers. 
  • The team won their 3rd game this year.  
  • I said that’s my umbrella.  
  • It is her apartment.  
  • It is their car.  

Note :  Here the noun is present. 

  • My umbrella / Her apartment / their car 
  • I said that umbrella was mine.  

Here we avoided using ‘my umbrella’. Otherwise, it would have been , ‘I said that umbrella was my umbrella’  

  • She said that apartment was hers. (here we avoided using ‘her apartment’)  

More Examples 

  • Those are my cookies. Those are not your cookies.  
  • Those are my cookies. Those are not yours.  
  • I didn’t have a book, so Martha lent me her book.  
  • I didn’t have a book, so Martha lent me hers. 
  • Your vacation  sounds just as great as my vacation.  
  • Your vacation  sounds just as great as mine. 
  • Your house is small, but not as small as our house.  
  • Your house is small, but not as small as ours . 
  • My coffeemaker isn’t working, can I borrow your coffeemaker?  
  • My coffeemaker isn’t working, can I borrow yours? 

Reflexive Pronoun 

They are used when the action of the subject and object are the same. (thing / person /animal) 

  • The puppy is licking himself.  

Here the reflexive pronouns is ‘himself’.  

This means that the subject has performed the action on itself) 

  • The robot killed itself. 

More Examples 

Singular reflexive pronouns 

  • Sean ate the sandwich all by himself. 
  • Don’t worry/ I’ll do it by myself. 
  • You will have to do this yourself. 
  • She herself had no clue what was going on. 
  • The robot was talking to itself 

Plural reflexive pronouns 

  • We found ourselves in a tough situation. 
  • They found themselves in a new land all of a sudden! 
  • Children! You have to do this yourselves. 


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