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Types of Nouns and Plural Nouns Solutioning – Examples

Grade 10
May 17, 2023


Read the sentences given below carefully. Then find out the error related to the plurals of the nouns. Write the correct sentences.

  1. The funny characters of the circus make us laugh.
  2. There are many loaf of bread on the table.
  3. She placed lot of mango on the table.
  4. The school bus ply from tomorrow.
  5. She slices two potato to make curries.
  6. My tooth are aching.

Here are the answers!!!

  1. The funny characters of the circus make us laugh.
  2. There are many loaves of bread on the table.
  3. She placed a lot of mangoes on the table.
  4. The school buses ply late from tomorrow.
  5. She slices two potatoes to make curries.
  6. My teeth are aching.

You have made the following changes in the noun while correcting the sentences:

  1. Clown – Clowns and the jugglers
  2. Loaf – loaves.
  3. Mango – Mangoes
  4. The Bus – Buses
  5. Potato – Potatoes
  6. Tooth – Teeth

The sentences are corrected by changing the number of the nouns from singular to plurals. Let’s discuss in detail the rules for changing nouns from singular to plural.

Before discussing the rules of formation of plural nouns, let’s recall the definition of a noun.


A noun: A word that is used as a name of a person, place, thing, or an animal is called a noun.

Example: Courage, honor, reputation, George, John, Juliet, London, Mexico, coffee, cup, etc.

The Noun: Number

Nouns that speak about person, a place thing, or an animal can be counted, have two forms:

  1. The singular
  2. The plural

Now let’s discuss how plurals are formed and their rules in detail.

Plural is Formed in the Following Ways:

  1. In most nouns, the plural is formed by adding ‘s’ to the end of the noun.
  2. For the noun ending in -S, SH, CH, X, or Z, we add -ES to the noun.
  3. The noun ending in a CONSONANT + Y, we remove Y and add -IES to the noun.
  4. The noun ending in F or FE, we remove the F/FE and add -VES to the noun. (Some exceptions)
  5. The noun ending in a CONSONANT + O, we normally add -ES to the noun. (Some exceptions)
  6. In the end, irregular words do not normally have an S to form plurals.
  7. Some nouns remain unchanged in their plural forms.
  8. If the noun ends in -us, we change it to -i. Words that end in -us usually have a Latin root.
  9. Numerical expressions are usually singular but can be plural if the individuals within a numerical group are acting individually.

Rule1: Singular Noun + s = Plural Noun

  • Computer – computers
  • Bag -bags
  • Book – books

Rule 2: Singular Noun Ending in sh, ch, s, x, or z + es = Plural Noun

  • Beach – beaches
  • Box – boxes
  • Church – churches
  • Buzz – buzzes

Rule 3:  Singular Noun – y + ies = Plural Noun

  • Party – Parties
  • Paddy – Paddies
  • Hobby – Hobbies

Rule 4: Singular Noun Ending in Consonant ‘lf’ –   + ‘ves’ = Plural Noun

  • Leaf – Leaves
  • half – Halves
  • self – Selves
  • wife – Wives
  • knife – Knives Solo – Solos
  • Cargo – Cargos

Rule 5: Singular Noun Ending in Consonant ‘lf’ – remove -lf + ‘ves’ = Plural Noun

  • Leaf – Leaves
  • half – Halves
  • self – Selves
  • wife – Wives
  • knife – Knives
  • hoof – Hooves
  • Zero – Zeroes
  • Potato – Potatoes

EXCEPTIONS: The other nouns which are ending in ‘o’ preceded by a consonant, DO NOT require an ‘e’ before ‘s’ to be placed at the end of the word. Nouns ending in ‘o’ preceded by a vowel do not change.

  • Kilo – Kilos
  • Radio – Radios
  • Logo -Logos
  • Piano – Pianos

Rule 6: There are Nouns that Maintain Their Latin or Greek Form in the Plural.

  1. More than one nucleus = Nuclei
  2. More than one syllabus = Syllabi
  3. More than one focus = Foci
  4. More than one fungus = Fungi

Rule 7:  We Use Plural Verb Forms with the Nouns Referring to Two Objects that Consist of Two Parts

  • My dad’s new binoculars are fantastic!
  • His glasses are broken.

Rule 8: Numerical Expressions are Generally Singular. However, They can be Used as Plural When the Individuals within a Numerical Group are Represented Individually.

Sixty thousand dollars is a huge sum of amount.

  • One-third of the members is retiring this winter.
  • One-half of the members have doctorates degree.
  • Ninety percent of the students have voted already.

Rule 9: If Nouns have a Fixed Plural Form and Take a Plural Verb, they are not Utilized in the Singular or have a Different Meaning.

Nouns of this kind, like trousers, jeans, glasses, savings, thanks, steps, stairs, customs, congratulations, tropics, wages, spectacles, outskirts, and goods, are treated as plural and are followed by a verb in the plural.


  • My shorts are dirty.
  • The scissors are on the table.
Types of nouns and plural nouns solutioning


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