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Explore the Word Choice in Academic Writing

Class 8
Jun 13, 2023

Wrong Words – It Can Be Classified Broadly Into

  1. Commonly misused words
  2. Words with unwanted connotations or meaning
  3. Incorrect use of words with similar meanings
  4. Use of clichés
  5. Wordiness

Commonly Misused Words

    • Affect vs. Effect. Effect (noun)  – Result. Affect( verb)  – To have an influence
    • Lie vs. Lay. Lie  – To recline. Lay-To put something or to place
    • Loose vs. Lose – Loose ( adjective)- Not firm. Lose ( verb)- To misplace something.
    • Accept vs. Except. Accept- To agree. Except – To not include something
    • Allusion vs. Illusion. Allusion – Indirect reference. Illusion – An idea/belief that is untrue
    • Appraise vs. Apprise .Appraise- To judge the qualities of someone. Apprise – To tell someone about something
    • Capital vs. Capitol. Capital- Uppercase letter/money/city where a seat of government is located. Capitol – Building where a legislature meets
    • Advice vs. Advise Advice (noun); Advice ( verb)
    • Among vs. Amongst. Among –Often used in American English. Amongst –Often used in British Language
    • Assure vs. Ensure vs. Insure. Assure –To tell someone that something will indeed happen. Ensure –To guarantee or make sure of something. Insure – To take an insurance policy
    • Breath vs. Breath. Breath- Noun. Breathe –Verb
    • Compliment vs. Complement. Compliment- Good thing to say to someone.Complement- Something that completes the other thing
    • Disinterested vs. uninterested. Disinterested- Impartial. Uninterested – Bored
    • Emigrate vs. Immigrate. Emigrate- Move from one country to another to live. Immigrate –To move into a country from somewhere else.
    • Empathy vs. Sympathy. Empathy –Ability to understand another person’s feelings. Sympathy –Feeling of sorrow for someone else’s suffering
    • Farther vs. Further. Farther –Physical distance. Further –Metaphorical distance
    • Flaunt vs. Flout. Flaunt –To show off. Flout –To defy
    • Historic vs. Historical. Historic –Famous and important. Historical –Related to History
    • Stationary vs. Stationery. Stationary- Unmoving. Stationery –Related to paper and writing material
    • Words with unwanted connotations or meaning
    • Incorrect use of words with similar meanings
    • Use of clichés – Overuse of clichés to be avoided in writing
    • Wordiness – Insignificant extra words in sentences to be reduced and replaced with concise and straightforward words. It means using complex words in sentences and making the punishment complicated.
Word Choice


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