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Learn Counting Sequence and Patterns from 10s to 120

Grade 1
Sep 24, 2022


To say numbers one after the other in order, or to calculate the number of people or things in a group. 

Count by 10s to 120:  

We can use ten frames to count 10s to 120: 

12 tens are 120. 

One hundred twenty. 


Use ten–frames to count by 10s 


How can you count to 60 by tens? 


I can use ten frames to count by 10s. 



How can you count to 90 by tens? 


Use a pattern to count by 10s: 


A repeating arrangement of numbers, colors, and shapes. 

The above numbers follow ‘0 ‘in one’s place. 

  1. Write the missing numbers: 

Sam wrote a pattern. He forgot to write some numbers. 

What numbers did Sam forget to write?  

50, 60, 70, ______, 90, ______, 110, 120. 


50, 60, 70, ______, 90, ______, 110, 120. 

Skip count by 10s  

70 after 80 

90 after 100 

Sam forgets 80 and 100 

50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 110, 120. 

Concept Map:  

What we have learned

  • Count by 10s to 120
  • Use ten frames to count by 10s
  • Use pattern to count by 10s
  • Count by 10s. Write number and number word.
  • Write missing numbers


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