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Counting Sequence with Blocks from 1s to 120

Sep 24, 2022

7.2 Count by 1s to 120 

This block shows 100 


The next number will be one hundred one because you have 1 hundred and 1 one. 


When you count forward, you keep counting by 1s. 


Some real life examples for counting: 

  • We can count how many pens are there in packet.  
  • We can count chock lets.  

7.2.1 Counting with blocks  

This block shows 100. 

You say one hundred for this number. 

The next number you say is one hundred one. 

Because you have 1 hundred and 1 one. 



The next number you say is one hundred two. 

Because you have 1 hundred and 2 ones. 


Example 1:  

How would you say and show 110 when you count? What number comes next? 



The above picture shows a hundred block, a ten block and we say it one hundred ten 110. 

Therefore, count forward by 1s after one hundred ten (110) comes one hundred eleven (111). 

7.2.1 Counting with numbers 

When you count forward you keep counting by 1s. 

When you count higher. You start with the words one hundred. 

Example 1: 

Marta is counting to 120. She says the number that is one more than 113. What number does she say? 


Count 110 to 120 numbers by 1s 


The number has 4 in its one’s place, as the number comes after 113 and before 120 the number has 1 in hundreds place and 1 in tens place. 

So, the number is 114. It is said as one hundred fourteen. 


Tom writes the numbers 104 to 107 in order. Some numbers rub off. Help Tom fill in the missing numbers. 


Tom counts and writes the numbers from 104 to 107, some numbers were rubbed off. 

They are 105, 107. 

One more than 104 is 105 also called as one hundred five. 

one more than 106 is 107 also called as one hundred seven. 

Answer 1


Count forward by 1s. Write the numbers.

  1. 115, ____, 117, ______, _______.
  2. 46, ____, _______, 49, 50 ______.
  3. 91, 92, ______, ________, 95, ______.
  4. 102, ____, 104, ______, 106, 107.
  5. Count and write number & number name.

6. Use the clues to find each mystery number.
Clue 1: The number comes after 62.
Clue 2; The number comes before 70.
The mystery number might be.
______, ______, ______, _____, _______, _______, _______.
Clue3: The number has 9 ones.
Circle the mystery number.

7.Charm counts 100 kites. Then she counts 5 more. How many kites has charm counted?

8. 106 means __________ hundreds and ___________ ones.

9. Count and write number and number name.

10. Write 101 to 120 numbers. By count by 1s.

Concept Map :

What we have learned

  • Count by 1s to 120
  • Counting with blocks
  • Counting with numbers
  • Missing numbers


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