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Linking Words – Definition, types, and examples

Grade 3
Jul 29, 2023

Linking words are those that link or join two words or one part of a sentence with another.

Linking words are also known as transition words.

For example: Martin is tired and sleepy.

Here, and is the linking word.

For example: Tina helps her mother, but her brother never helps.


Here, but is the linking word that is used to join two parts of a sentence.

Linking words are also used to join two sentences, two ideas, or opinions.

For example: Tina goes to school by bus and William walks to school.

Here, and is the linking word that joins the two sentences.

Linking Words Help To:

  • Make the sentence meaningful and readable
  • Add more information
  • Give examples
  • Give reasons
  • Emphasize something
  • Conclude some ideas

Types of Linking Words

Types of linking words
Types of linking words

Linking Words Chart

Linking words chart
Linking words chart

Linking Words to Add Information



Sam has two sisters Jenna and Susan.


Cycling is a sport; furthermore, it keeps you healthy.


We are going on a vacation. We’ll visit our grandparents too.

In addition to

Greg bought some fruits in addition to the medicines that he bought for his friend.


Are you also coming with us to the movie?

As well as

Fruits are delicious as well as healthy.

Linking Words to Give Reasons


My mother went out for a meeting.

Sandra won’t come today because she is sick.


We canceled the picnic as it was raining.

Because of

The team won the match because of their hard work.


My mother did not come since she was busy at home.


I did not go to the wedding because my baby was not well.

Linking Words for Giving Examples

For example

There are many states in the US; for example, California, Ohio, and Virginia

For instance

Samantha helps her mother in many ways; for instance, by washing dishes, cleaning the house, and making the bed.

Such as

The restaurant serves several tasty dishes such as pizza, burgers, and Chinese food.

Linking Words for Comparison


John practices the piano and performs on stage; similarly, you can also perform on stage.

Just like

Shawn is also a singer just like you.

Just as

I have a red dress just like yours.

Same as

This poem is the same as the one Henry recited.

Linking Words to Show Contrast


Emily studies hard, but she is not scoring well.


Emily studies hard. However, she is not scoring well.


Although Emily studies hard, she is not scoring well.


Emily studies hard whereas his sister does not.


Emily studies hard, yet she is not scoring well.

Linking Words to Show Sequence

Words like first, second, firstly, secondly, then, next, finally, last, in addition, moreover, etc. are used to show order in a sequence.

Firstly take a pan and fill it with water. Then turn on the stove and place the pan over it. Let the water boil. Finally, turn off the stove.

Linking Words to Show the Result


Amanda met with an accident, so she did not go to school.

As a result

The river got flooded as a result of the rain.


Sana had an important meeting, therefore, she could not come to the party.

Due to

Due to my busy schedule, I could not spend much time with my friends.

Linking Words to Show Emphasis


Kate is indeed a great friend of mine.


Wilma likes fruits, especially mangoes, and oranges.


Saira is undoubtedly the best singer in our class.


Ben is very kind to others, so obviously everyone likes him.


Generally, it is said that waking up early is good for health.

For example: Fred likes to play football and cricket.

                          Here, and makes the sentence meaningful.

For example: This pudding has fruits such as apples, bananas, and grapes.

                        Here, the linking word such as is used to give examples.

For example: Kate did not go to school because she was sick.

                         Here, because is the linking word used to give a reason.

For example: Matt worked hard, and he scored well. Therefore, you should also work hard.

                         Here, therefore is used to conclude the idea.

Some common linking words are and, but, for, because, as well as, if, also, etc.

linking words


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