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Grade 10 English

Grade 10

Grade 10 English covers Sentences, Verbs, Nouns and pronouns, Adjectives and adverbs, Punctuations, Speeches/clauses/phrases, Conjunctions and interjections

What you'll learn

  • 1

    Sentences: Optative sentences, Fragments, and Run-ons, Phrases and Clauses, Types of sentences, Transformation of sentences, Phrases and clauses, Topic sentences, Thesis statements, Main idea, Theme, Synonyms and Antonyms in context, Right sentence.

  • 2

    Verbs: Types of verbs, Subject-verb, Tenses, Verbs solutioning, The Appreciation of Poetry, Creative Techniques, Analyzing literature, Informational texts, Informational texts, Prefixes, Prefixes - solutioning, Homopones, New vocabulary(present-practice-produce).

  • 3

    Nouns and pronouns: Types of nouns, Plural nouns, Developing and Supporting Arguments, Organizing writing, Audience, purpose, and tone, Using context to identify the meaning of a word, Thesis statements, Types of pronuns, Reflexive pronouns, Empathetic pronouns, Greek and latin words, Autobiographes, Literary devices, Reading and comprehending, Reference skills, Morphemes, Suffixes.

  • 4

    Adjectives and adverbs: Adjectives and adverbs in writing, Types of adjectives, Adjectives- practice, Writing Clearly and Concisely, Editing and Revising, Dialogue writing, Analyzing short story, Identify narrative point of view, Etymology to determine the meaning of the word, Context Clue Words, Adverbs vs adjectives, Persuasive strategies, Rhetorical strategies, Trace an argument, Foreign expressions.

  • 5

    Punctuations: Dashes, hyphens, Quotations ellipses, Apostrophes, use of period, Commas, semicolons and colons, Capitalization, formatting, questions tags, Formal and Informal Letter-writing, Context clues, Reading and comprehension (Short stories), Source of allusion, Thesaurus entries.

  • 6

    Speeches/clauses/phrases: Direct and indirect speech, Degrees of comparsions, Degrees of comparisions direct and indirect speech, Paraphrasing need, Paraphrasing tools, Elements of poetry, Foreign words and expression, Subjective and objective tone, Word pattern analogies, Word pattern sentences.

  • 7

    Conjunctions and interjections: Conjunctions, Conjunctions types, Interjections, Reading and comprehending, Order topics from broadcast to narrowest, Evidence writing, Reading and comprehending, Words usage nuance, Analogies, Dictionary entries, Dictionary definitions, Dictionary contexts.

Skills you'll learn

Understanding the meaning of words in context

Expanding your vocabulary and recognizing synonyms, antonyms, and idiomatic expressions

Understanding and applying the rules of standard English grammar

Analyzing the author's use of rhetoric, such as persuasive techniques, tone, and stylistic devices

Identifying and correcting errors in punctuation, including commas, semicolons, and apostrophes

Analyzing the relationships between different ideas and information in a passage

Applying standard English grammar, usage, and mechanics

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