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Grade 8 Science

Grade 8

Grade 8 Science covers Reproduction in plants and animals, Inheritance and genetic variation, Structure and function - Systems, Matter and atoms, Chemical Reactions, Carbon compounds, History of earth, Force and motion and Light and electricity

What you'll learn

  • 1

    Reproduction in plants and animals: Sexual Reproduction, Cell Cycle, Mitosis, Meosis, Structure of DNA, Allelle, Protein synthesis, Plant reproduction, Non-vascular and Vascular Seedless Plants, Reproduction in Gymnosperms and Angiosperms, Seed Dispersal and Germination, Endocrine systems, Menstrual Cycle, Fertilisation and Development, Lifecycle of a Human Being.

  • 2

    Inheritance and genetic variation: Genetic mechanism and gene regulation, Genetic mutations, Evidence of common ancestors, Physiological and climatic adaptations, Oparin and Haldane, Miller, Mendelian Genetics, Sex Chromosomes, Pedigree Chart, rDNA technology, Darwin and the voyage of the Beagle, Variation and Adaptation, Fossils.

  • 3

    Structure and function - Systems: Food web, Cellular respiration in plants and animals, Digestive system, Respiratory system, Circulatory system, Excretory system, Muscular system,Nervous system, Brain, Information processing - Types of signals, Variety of species on terrestrial and oceanic ecosystem, Functioning of Ecosystem, Medicines & Water Purifications, Recycling, Influence of humans, Types of succession.

  • 4

    Matter and Atoms: Separation Techniques, Constituents of matter, Composition of gases, liquids and solids, Crystal structure of NaCl, Bohr's atomic model, Elements, Isotopes, Compounds, Ionic compounds, Covalent compounds, Metals and metallic bonds, Polymers, Changes in States, The Periodic Table, Isotopes and Radioactivity, Synthetic Elements, Physical Properties of matter, Types of mixtures, Solutions.

  • 5

    Chemical Reactions, Carbon compounds: Introduction to chemical reactions, Laws of Chemical Combination, Exothermic and Endothermic reactions, Chemical equations, Acids and bases, pH and indicators, Occurence of carbon, Inorganic compounds of Carbon, Amorphous Allotropes of carbon, Coal and coke, Charcoal, Elements of Life, Carbon Compounds, Biomolecules.

  • 6

    History of earth: Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Meteor impacts, Weathering and deposition, Tectonic processes, Investigation of rocks and fossils, Movement of earth's plates, The last ice age and earliest fossils, Cycling of matter, Types of rocks, Soil formation, Mountains.

  • 7

    Force and motion: Describing motion, Cause of motion, Newton's laws of motion, Net force, Forces in fluid, Balanced and unbalanced forces, Friction, Types of friction, Ways to reduce and increase friction.

  • 8

    Light and electricity: Components of an electric circuit, Heating effect of electric current, Magnetic effect of electric current, Chemical effects of electric current, Reflection of light, Refraction of light, Multiple refractions, Spherical Lenses.

Skills you'll learn

Analyzing graphs, tables, and charts to extract relevant information

Applying scientific principles and concepts to solve problems and answer questions

Evaluating experimental designs and identifying potential flaws or sources of error

Familiarity with basic scientific principles in biology, chemistry, physics, and Earth science

Applying logical reasoning and critical thinking skills to scientific scenarios

Making connections between different scientific concepts and applying them to novel situations

Understanding the main ideas and supporting details presented in scientific texts

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