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Grade 8 English

Grade 8

Grade 8 English covers Punctuations, Types of verbs and adverbs, Sentences, Dependent/Independent/Clause/Phrase, Direct/ indirect objects and active and passive voice, Nouns, Adjectives

What you'll learn

  • 1

    Punctuations: Sentence fragments, Run on sentence, Sentence Ending, Semicolon, colon, dashes, hypens, Ellipes, quotaion marks, commas, Organize your thoughts, Citing words and source, Figures of speech-introduction, Verbal irony metaphors, Connotion and denotion, Domain specific vocabulary, Reference related vocabulary.

  • 2

    Types of verbs and adverbs: Action and Linking Verbs, Helping verbs, Irregular verbs, Verb Tense, Mood verbals, Subject- verb agreement, Paragraph essay-Expository, Imaginative, Literary devices, Imagery, Prefixes, Suffixes, Greek and latin words, Adverbs, Verb moods, Gerund examples, EMAIL, Authors purpose and tone, Idioms.

  • 3

    Sentences: Sentences- Types of sentences, Parts of a simple sentence, Parts of a compound sentence, Restricted and unrestricted elements, Find Information, Summarize Information/ complete a rough draft/ finalize your draft, Editing and Revising, Methods of characterisaton, Story elements/visual elements, Homophones, Analogies.

  • 4

    Dependent/Independent/Clause/Phrase: Clause- Dependent and independant, Phrases vs clauses, Compare and contrast( treasure island), Discovering plot, Theme, Writing an article, Simple, Compound and Complex Sentence, Context clues.

  • 5

    Direct/ indirect objects and active and passive voice: Direct and indirect object, Active and passive voice, How to write - Essay, Characteristics of writing, The writing process - prewriting-(Research paper), Organize writing, Creative techniques, Analyzing informational texts, Analyzing informational texts, Morphemes, Homophones.

  • 6

    Nouns: Types of nouns, Plural nouns, Noun suffixes, Comparing nouns with adjectives, Active and passive voice, Drafting - Writing a Research paper, The writing process- drafting( Essay), The writing process-proofreading, Affixes, Voice, Point of view, Synonyms, Antonyms, Word choice.

  • 7

    Adjectives: Adjectives, Types of adjectives, Order of adjectives, Cause and effect, Writing a memoir,Drafting and finishing your memoir, Main idea, Main idea-Theme, Context clues, Adjectives acting as nouns, verbs, Metaphors.

Skills you'll learn

Understanding the meaning of words in context

Expanding your vocabulary and recognizing synonyms, antonyms, and idiomatic expressions

Understanding and applying the rules of standard English grammar

Analyzing the author's use of rhetoric, such as persuasive techniques, tone, and stylistic devices

Identifying and correcting errors in punctuation, including commas, semicolons, and apostrophes

Analyzing the relationships between different ideas and information in a passage

Applying standard English grammar, usage, and mechanics

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