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Grade 9 English

Grade 9

Grade 9 English covers Voices/ phrases/clauses, Verb-Verb types-Tenses, Adjectives, Apostrophe/plurals/possessive, Sentences/conjunctions/interjections, Punctuations, Prepositions and contractions, Determiners and Gerunds.

What you'll learn

  • 1

    Voices/ phrases/clauses: Active and passive voice, Direct and indirect objects, Phrases and clauses, Writing clearly and consicely, Editing and reviewing, Figures of speech-introduction, Review- FIGURES OF SPEECH, Contextual meaning words, Patterns of word changes, Etymology.

  • 2

    Verb-Verb types-Tenses: Verbs tenses- simple, Verb tenses- past, Verb types, Participles, Subject verb agreement, Thesis statements, Essay writing, Symbolism, Personification, Meaning of unknown vocabulary, Multimeaning words.

  • 3

    Adjectives - Types of adjectives, Comparisions, Adjectives acting as nouns, verbs, Formulate appropriate questions and paraphrase problems, Mechanics of writing, Essay writing, Figures of speech-introduction, Source citation and plaigrism, Vocabulary words and their meaning.

  • 4

    Apostrophe/plurals/possessive: Apostrphoe- possessive, Plurals - practice, Usual and foreign application of punctuations, Use narrative techniques, Dialogue, pacing, Description, Reflection, Multiple plot lines, to develop, Letter writing, Word Usage and Nuance, Analyze nuances in the meaning of words with similar denotations, Semiotics, Morphemes, Idioms.

  • 5

    Sentences/conjunctions/interjections: Conjunctions-types, Interjections, Reading and comprehending, conjunctions and interjections, Types of sentences, Sentence fragments, Subject and predicates, Persuasive writing, Formal tone, Objective tone while attending norms, Informational texts, Shakespeare analyzing literature, Domain specific vocabulary, Macbeth analyzing literature.

  • 6

    Punctuations: Common Errors in verb usage, spelling and punctuation, Colons and Semi-Colons, Commas, Capital letter, Common Errors in writing, word usage, Quotation Marks, Punctuations, Hyphens dashes, Plaigrism, Avoid plaigrism, Accurately give credit to whom credit is due, Audience tone, style, Purpose and tone, Euphemism, Oxymoron.

  • 7

    Prepositions and contractions: Prepositions, Prepositions- practice, Contractions-practice, Use precise words and phrases, Telling details, sensory language to convey a vivid picture, Developing and creating arguments, Analyzing literature, Foreign words, Expression, Allomorphs, Similes, Metaphors.

  • 8

    Determiners and Gerunds: Introduction to Deteminers and Gerunds, Write routinely over extended time frames, Creative techiniques of writing, Creative writing, Onomatopoeia, Assonance, Alliteration, Analogies, Precise meaning of a context, Phrases based on content.

Skills you'll learn

Understanding the meaning of words in context

Expanding your vocabulary and recognizing synonyms, antonyms, and idiomatic expressions

Understanding and applying the rules of standard English grammar

Analyzing the author's use of rhetoric, such as persuasive techniques, tone, and stylistic devices

Identifying and correcting errors in punctuation, including commas, semicolons, and apostrophes

Analyzing the relationships between different ideas and information in a passage

Applying standard English grammar, usage, and mechanics

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