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Grade 7 English

Grade 7

Grade 7 English covers Pronouns, Verb and tenses, Modifiers, Adjectives, Phrase/clause/sentence, Nouns, Conjunctions, Interjections and Preposition

What you'll learn

  • 1

    Pronouns: Types of pronouns, Types- subject and object, I and me, personal reflexive, Relative Pronoun, Antecedents, Poetry analysis, Writing a haiku poem, Poetic devices, The sound of poetry, Alliterations, Personification.

  • 2

    Verb and tenses: Verb tenses, Subject-verb, Action and verb types, Forming past tense, Describing a person, Character sketch, Guessing the meaning of new words, Greek and latin root words, Verb - present tense.

  • 3

    Modifiers: Misplaced modifiers, Restrictive and non restrictive elements, Travel diary project, Figurative language, Metaphor, Similes, Oxymoron.

  • 4

    Adjectives: Adjectives, Types of adjectives, Order of adjectives, Brainstorming your topic, Writing an application, Literary devices, Onomatoepia, Context clues.

  • 5

    Phrase/clause/sentence: Fragments, Phrases and clauses, Simple sentences, Compound sentences, Writing a news report, Poster writing, Theme, Morals, Active and passive voice, Antonyms in context, Homonyms.

  • 6

    Nouns: Parts of speech, Types of nouns, Plural nouns, Making parallel parts/ Parallel Structure, Avoid wrong position of words, Dialogue writng, Point of view, Analogies, Domain specific vocabulary.

  • 7

    Conjunctions and interjections: Conjunctions, Conjunctions- types of solutioning, Interjections, Hyphen, counter arguments, Main idea, creative techniques, Theme, Homonyms, Suffixes, Prefixes and suffixes.

  • 8

    Prepositions: Prepositions - Solutioning with practice, Prepositions, Writing to persuade, Visual elements, Developing and supporting arguments, Hyerbole, Letter writing.

Skills you'll learn

Understanding the meaning of words in context

Expanding your vocabulary and recognizing synonyms, antonyms, and idiomatic expressions

Understanding and applying the rules of standard English grammar

Analyzing the author's use of rhetoric, such as persuasive techniques, tone, and stylistic devices

Identifying and correcting errors in punctuation, including commas, semicolons, and apostrophes

Analyzing the relationships between different ideas and information in a passage

Applying standard English grammar, usage, and mechanics

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